English Patch

NOTICE: This English patch is for Japan Live only!  This will not work for other languages: Korean, Chinese, etc.

Not sure how to install?  Download and install WinRar from http://www.rarlab.com Open the update file you downloaded from here and then click "Extract" at the top of the WinRar window.  Browse to your Lineage folder and click Ok.  The two files "Text.idx" and "Text.pak" will be extracted into your Lineage folder.  Click Yes to replace your old files.

Update Notice:
Too much to mention, enjoy.

Download Here! - rev006

Update Notice:
Login Stamp Event added, Asmodian Land should be 100%.  Probably the biggest update thus far.  Any errors or typos please message me in game or leave a comment below.

Download Here! - rev003a
Download Here! - rev003

Update Notice:
Three days worth of random translations.  Mostly items, monsters, and buff descriptions.  Does not currently support the Login Stamp event.

Download Here! - rev002

Update Notice:
Completely redone and reworked English Patch.  Will now include graphical translations (at a later date).

Download Here! - rev001

Update Notice:
This will probably be the last update I do for the English Patch.  Almost everything has now been translated.  Some areas are not translated, for example, certain quest NPCs have some of the weirdest dialogue and have no relevance to the actual game.  Of course optional clicks like "Enter Cave" and "Leave Cave" have been translated even if they were at the end of a weirdo NPC or not.

Some spelling errors have also been fixed.  Certain items have had their names shortened to allow for a readable name.  "Ivory Tower Potion of Ability Recovery Magic" was just ridiculous, lol.  "IT Potion of Magic Recovery" is what you will most likely see now.

Download link can be picked up from Hawkadium BP prince.

Update Notice:
Several quest related NPCs have been updated.  Some intro messages have also been updated.  For example, talking to a general goods NPC will now be in English.  A few more item names have been updated.  Finally figured out the difference between Tarak and Demon and Evil, lol.  Some spelling errors fixed.

Download link can be picked up from Hawkadium BP prince.

Update Notice:
As of today, all future English patch updates will be distributed to Blood Pledge members only.  Update notices will continue to be posted here on this page.  If you want to get your hands on an out-dated version then please use Google search.  Many people have decided to rip my work off and label it as their own so they shouldn't be too hard to find.  Take care!

Update 5.81
Compile Date 9/7/2014
More error messages added.  If any seem incorrect, please let me know.  Past-tense and pre-tense are hard to distinguish in Japanese.  Added security features to HTML files.  Some people are taking my files and claiming credit. (Not cool).

You may notice this update is much smaller.  That's because I have started removing Chinese, Korea, English and Hong-Kong text files.  Any existing English text has already been moved over to their Japanese spots and is therefor just taking up space now.  A few megs here and there is nothing but with daily updates, this will help push the update process along quickly for all users.

Hawkadium English Patch - Update 5.81

Update 5.6
Compile Date 9/4/2014
This update is focused around NPC dialogue. Some useless files have been removed.  Profanity filter has been removed. Blocked pledge names are still in effect.  No sense in getting banned.
  • Herbert 80%
  • Hometown Registrar
  • Hen
  • Help: Knight Magic
  • Pet Window
  • Blacksmith Aanon 95%
  • House control NPCs
  • SKT Teleport NPC
  • Aden Commerce Apprentice
  • Aden Pastry Chef
  • Perin
  • Little Girl Mei
  • Estin
  • Teleport Book
  • Hidden Valley Teleport NPCs
  • Dorin
  • Several Storage Dwarves

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 5.6

Update 5.3
Compile Date 9/3/2014
All in game menus should now be in English (excluding in game help).
Lots of item names updated.
Various spelling errors fixed.

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 5.3

Update 5
Compile Date 9/2/2014
Massive update.  Too much to mention.  One note-able part is all spells now have their mouse-over popup in English.  Enjoy!

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 5

Update 4
Compile Date 9/1/2014
This update includes mostly quest and NPC related text.  I can not sort through the quests so they are updated as I open them.  Unfortunately this means most of the lower level quests have not been touched yet.  In game guides are also updated for the Mage. Guides will now reflect the new changes to mage spells.  For example; MP HP costs, durations, etc.

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 4

Update 3
Compile Date 8/29/2014
This update includes over 3800 lines of updated text with a focus around items and some monster names.  (Weapons, Armour, Potions, etc)

  • Orc Merchant Pasim
  • Patrol Guard
  • Pau
  • Dwarf Dorin
  • Black Wizard Rader
  • Goddess of Atonement
  • Blacksmith Rion
  • Party Window
  • Blood Pledge Window
  • Level 51+ Stat Window
  • About 20% of "Today's Tip" is translated. Most are outdated information and I will need to do some more research.
  • Pet speech (Woof, Grr!)
  • More character creation error messages and notices
  • Thebes warning notices
  • Cooking recipes
  • Some buff potions
  • Fishing Messages
  • Underground Hideout error messages. 
Dragon Knight
  • All skills should have tooltip names now.
  • All skills should have tooltip names now.

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 3

Update 2
Compile Date 8/26/2014
This update includes over 850 lines of updated text.

Character Creation
  • Class, Alignment, Sex, Description
  • Login and Error Messages, General in-game messages.

Hawkadium's English Patch - Update 2